​ Upcoming Public Performances

July 11Sorrenti's Vineyards, Saylorsburg,Pa.5-8PM 

​July 18 Sorrenti’s Vineyards 5/8PM

​July 25 Sorrenti’s Vineyards 5-8PM

Aug 1 Sorrenti'sVineyardsSaylorsburg,Pa.5-8PM

Aug 8 Sorrenti's,VineyardsSaylorsburg,Pa.5-8PM

Aug15 Sorrenti's Vineyards,Saylorsburg,Pa5-8PM

+ Aug.25 + "Showtime,", Belvedere,NJ. Tickets $20 foe tickets call Johanna at : 9084751002

​Aug.22 Sorrenti'sVineyards,Saylorsburg,Pa. 5-8PM

​Clinton, NJ. Across from Citispot 7-9PM 

​Aug.29 "Sorrenti'sVineyards, Saylorsburg,Pa,5-8PM

Sept.6 Clinton,NJ. Dickens Lane7-9PM

July 27 The View @ Morgan Hill 6-9PM.

August24The View@ Morgan Hill,Easton, Pa.6-9PM



  Every Thursday at "Sorrenti's Vineyards",      

       Saylorsburg, Pa. from 5-8 PM.

               "Ladies Night"       






  "2019 Season"          

Sorrenti's Vineyards 5-8PM

"feel the music"

Celebrate "Ladies Night" with drink specials, great wine, food and live music.! Don't miss my Saylorsburg performance at Sorrenti's.

Every Thursday Night.

Now "Live Music" every Sunday in Milford, NJ.

                  Season Ended

Aug. 19 Tom Vicario2-4PM

Sept 16 Tom Vicario2-4PM

Oct 14  Tom Vicario2-4PM



" 2019 Music Season"

Live @ Clinton,NJ, 7-9PM

Enjoy Live music every Friday night from 5-7PM on the main street of downtown Clinton, NJ.

Various entertainers perform at different locations throughout the town. Please join me as I perform in this quaint town setting. Please check my schedule for my performance dates.