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Inspired by early R&B legends of the '50s and the British Rock Invasion of the 60's, Tom grew up listening to the greats on the radio and his LP collection. He cultivated his vocals in his hometown of Roseto, Pa., at the foothills of the Pocono Mts.. 

*Album/CD Finished*

Available to Purchase at any public performance and on the web at "cdbaby".

 Tom  delivers an authentic, polished professional sound. For years Tom has been performing for various venues and private events. Fellow Lehigh Valley natives Wayne Smith, Kelly Murphy, Joe Bankovics, Larry DiMilio, Scott Syska, Max Korpics, Frankie Belinc, John Chaffier & others have performed with Tom, when he  was a drummer in his band "Classical Rain".

"I enjoyed the experience of performing with such talented individuals but I prefer the freedom of expression that I have now as a solo performer
​. "I'm truly blessed to have the opportunity to perform for  such wonderful, appreciative folks."


       484 695 5581